Happiness In Marriage – Is it Really Possible

24 June 2017


According to Gallup’s analysis, millennials are the generation most vulnerable to the threat of AI and automation. Don’t want to be replaced by a robot? We feel that. (and robots never will, cough, cough. NEVER!)

Here’s the deal. Millennials are much more tech savvy than older generations, but they also lack fewer managerial skills. In the past, this has been a plus ++++ on a resume. Millennials have helped move companies forward, adopt new operating systems, and move everything online, but younger workers’ positions are more likely to be automated, and AI technologies now exist to do just that. AI can’t manage a team, but it can input data and find flaws in operating systems and do it a whole lot faster and likely cheaper than human labor. Plus AI doesn’t need health benefits

Posted by Arinola

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