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8 September 2017

It’s great to see you here! We are so, so excited to officially launch the website and blog

for The Lagos Collective!  A space we hope you come to feel inspired,  take action, be

encouraged and celebrated in the collective of likeminded female creatives just like you.

On this blog we’ll be sharing creative insights with you: creative entrepreneurs, creative

professionals, lifestyle creatives and those of you somewhere in between gleamed from the

stories of other who have.Take a peek around read some of our stories and come join us at

our events through:

 Thelagoscollective- femalecreativesinlagosTheLagosCollective-femalecreatives-collective-creativeprofessionals-creativeentrepreneurs-lifestylecreatives

Our online platform aimed at inspiring you passionate and ambitious creatives who need a

bit of encouragement to get out of your own way and go after those aspirations that keeps

you up late at night.

A series of events, and workshops  which truly fosters creativity and deeper connections,

real conversations, are purposeful and leave you inspired and empowered to take action

whilst having fun doing so,

The Lagos Collective Membership; aimed at ensuring that you have the right systems in

place in an environment you are guaranteed to flourish in.From focused Private

Membership forums, accountability programmes, dialogue dinners and masterminds,

aimed at challenging your way of thinking, taking you out of your comfort zone and

bringing forth new relationships, ideas and projects.

“Alone we can to do little

together we can do 

so much.”

Hellen Keller


Our website will be a direct link to the latest information about all of our

events, resources, stories and your one stop destination  to living you best creative life.

Find out how you can become a member of the Lagos Collective here

Let’s get the conversation started!!

The Lagos Collective
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