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5 October 2017

“Our goals need fuel and each person, in their

own uniqueness , also requires particular

ingredients to formulate their fuel to keep

them motivated to reach their goals.”

– Tanya Stevenson


Part of knowing what fuels you is linked to knowing yourself. Why do you do the things that you do? Are you doing it because you are really “passionate”? Passion is a wonderful thing but is passion alone ever enough? Our passion evolves overtime, it ebbs and flows ; think about what accompanies this passion. Is it motivation, discipline and an absolute sense of mission, What is that would give you that?

Here at The Lagos Collective  we are driven by the desire  to be Passionate Explorers in the pursuit of Excellence, by the connections we make with other female creatives on a personal level along the way and by helping these creative whether it is through the stories that we tell or the events and workshops we host. We are passionate about challenging the status quo and the ways we can create the life of our own design. But our desire runs deeper than just doing this for the sake of doing this – We truly believe that our purpose is much bigger than us.

This is the principle at the heart of The Lagos Collective – you our Community   AND GETTING YOU WHERE YOU WANT TO BE. This comes first.


Find that fuel and remind yourself of it constantly because you would find yourself wanting to quit more times than you would want to continue; on those days this would be what gets you out of quit mode.


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