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13 November 2017



Seeking the Kingdom of Heaven First, LASTMA and Police Officials, Rosemary’s Ofada and Okoro Soup and more,  Mo Alatise shares 32 important lessons she has learnt in her 32 years on earth.


1. Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven and everything else will be added into you 😊

2. Exercise!  because zombies will chop the slow ones first.

3. Every thing happens for a reason, you will see it in the end, and if you haven’t seen it, it’s not the end.

4. If a death is suspicious… even slightly always insist on an autopsy. (Trust me on this)

5. Never follow a hippie to a second location.

6. Perspective is Everything.

7.  20 Friends cannot play for 20 years, Value your good friends.

8. Love is a Verb

9. Shins are devices for finding sharp furniture edges in a dark room at night.

10. Rosemarys Ofada Sauce and Okro soup can cure anything .

11. Ni**as ain’t shit 💅 (Ladies never forget that)

12. Charity begins at home, do what you can, with the little you have.

13. Try and be kind always to anyone and everyone, sometimes people are going through real Shit they can’t tell anyone about.

14. If the Hennessy looks too dark or too light DONT DRINK IT! (Same rules for Moet Rose)

15. In all things, at all times, give thanks!

16. Really and I mean Really Really Cherish your parents while they are here.

17. Happiness should never Depend on something you can lose.

18. The older I get the earlier it gets late 😩

19. British Telly really is the Best!

20. Idleness and instagram are the devils workshop

22. We don’t have much time left…

23.  Positive Affirmations Really Works! Try it

24. Travel as much as you can as often as you can,

25. A very long layover is one of the best tests for a relationship

26. If a Keke na pep bashes your car, you cannot seize his keke and take it to your house, apparently that is against the law….you will be invited by the police for questioning.

28. Keep your feelings and your self worth in different places,so that when your feelings get hurt it doesn’t change the way you view yourself.

29. Mass is Food for your soul, it’s the best 3 course meal you will ever have, indulge as often as you can.

30. Crying does not work on Lastma or Police. They will tell you ‘Madam e don do na’ but you will still have to give them money..

31. Dogs go to Heaven 😊

32. Love ❤ above all love your neighbour as yourself and try and live your best life everyday, there are no do overs.

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