About us

“Step out of your virtual world and join us for deeper connections, lasting friendships and practical education with creatives just like you”

A Destination for Creative Women , Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Lifestyle ones in different seasons of their journeys or pursuit looking to connect with other like minded creatives through:

An online platform aimed at inspiring, motivating and empowering those ambitious and driven creative women who just need a little bit of encouragement to get out of their own way and go after those aspirations that keep them up late at night as well as elevating the voices of  those who have made the decision by starting their creative business or decided to pursue those personal/ career aspirations seriously.

A series of events, and workshops that truly fosters connections, is value packed, purposeful and leaves you empowered, inspired and motivated to take action whilst having fun! enjoying killer cocktails, food, popup shops, photo booths, gift bags and so much more in a carefully curated environment.

The Lagos Collective Members Hub; aimed at ensuring that you have the right systems in place in an environment you are guaranteed to flourish in; from focused Membership forums, Accountability programs,  Dialogue Dinners, and Retreats that are aimed at challenging your way of thinking, taking you out of your comfort zone and bringing forth new relationships, ideas and projects.

Born out of a desire to truly fuel creativity as away of life, connect with and cultivate a community with other like minded Creative Women. The idea for The Lagos Collective came to me shortly after I had just had my son and was planning out my strategy for re-launching my businesses following a year long break. I remember back then wondering What is it really like for other female creatives living in Lagos- trying to make a living/life doing what they loved” and wishing there was a place I could go to for real connections and real conversations with other Creatives just like me with whom I could have enriching conversations about tapping into our unique brand of creativity in our pursuits, businesses or careers, speaking candidly about our unique expiriences – our accomplishments, failures, agony in a place filled with creativity and purpose and most importantly learning from each other while having fun doing this in a carefully curated environment. Less than an hour later, I had purchased and secured my domain name on the relevant social media platforms.

Despite doing so, I still had this nagging feeling of “Who was I to do this?” thinking I had to first of all establish myself and be successful in my own creative pursuits and businesses before I could then go on to launch The Lagos Collective. I am a special kind introvert, so it was easy for me to come up with a million and one reasons why I couldn’t do this; I was uncomfortable with putting myself “out there” and simply felt I had to first of all “be successful” before I could actually start my own Davos

After sitting on this idea for the better part of the year, I realized that my passion for this was greater than my fears, I decided to my get out my own way, focus on the goals I wanted to achieve.

I invite you to join me on this journey of creating and fostering opportunities for creative insights, deeper connections, supportive alliances and lasting friendships in this engaged collective of like minded creatives who want to live lives that are filled with creativity and purpose whilst blazing a path that is truly their own.

Lets get the conversation going!!!